Fungal Nail Treatment

Free yourself from embarrassing and unsightly fungal nails.

Our painless fungal nail treatments are simply the most effective and safest available.






Confirming a fungal nail infection could SAVE you money and time!

“Why should I bother diagnosing it, when I can tell by simply looking”  “I have heard this one too many times in my clinic. studies have shown that even experts such as dermatologists and podiatrists at very best can only be 67% accurate by visual diagnosis alone, meaning they still get 1 in 3 diagnoses wrong”. Mrs Zoe Zavery MChS “Clinical guidelines and published papers repeatedly state it is good practice to establish a formal diagnosis before treating. But Why”?

  • Because around half of damaged nails are not fungal!
  • Because you risk being treated and charged for something you don’t have!

* More importantly, NOT confirming a diagnosis which is subsequently proven to be incorrect can lead to inappropriate treatment and potential unwanted side effects and costs in terms of wasted time and money so it is important to have the assurance that the financial investment in the treatment is likely to have a benefit.


  • Pod 5 minute Fungal Nail test – £60
  • Nail reduction (thinning of nails) – from £40
  • We can sometimes carry out a Fungal Nail Test (£60) at the time of a free consultation (please mention this in the online booking or when calling the clinic)

  • Rapid results in just a few minutes whilst you are sat in the chair
  • No need to send your clippings to the laboratory and await results, which can take up to 4 weeks
  • Scientifically proven to give 97% accurate and reliable results within just 5 minutes, compared to 46% – 54% accuracy with the traditional laboratory route.
  • Can detect the presence of all the common fungus types, using only the smallest of samples of   nail.
  • Immediate diagnosis, allowing us to advise you accordingly and treat the infection without delay.
  • Confidence in knowing that whichever treatment type is chosen,there will be a a much higher chance of success, due to a correct diagnosis.

This test can be carried out at the time of your initial consultation, or we can arrange a shorter  appointment to simply carry out the test just advise us of this when contacting us to arrange your appointment, so we can allow sufficient time for your appointment. If you have already had a confirmed “positive” diagnoses from your GP or dermatologist then there is no need for us to test again, unless you have concerns of a ‘false positive’ or ‘false negative’ result, if we are not carrying out the test ourselves then all patients will be requested to sign a consent form to confirm responsibility for any previous ‘Positive to fungus’ test result and therefore happy to go ahead with the recommended treatment type. This is carried out purely for your protection.


We use LUNULA Laser and CLEARANAIL Micro-penetration to treat fungal nail infections as we are able to achieve outstanding results compared to traditional treatments.

LUNULA LASER (cold) up to 97%  quick, very effective, pain-free  none 2-4 weeks*
CLEARANAIL PRO up to 95% very effective, fast, low-cost none one session
ANTI-FUNGAL TABLETS up to 50% available on NHS GP appointment, side-effects, blood tests  3-6 Months
NAIL PAINT up to 20% can buy from pharmacy frequent application, nail filing, skin irritation 3-6 Months
LASER (Hot) up to 95% Reasonably effective can be painful, costly, long course4-8 weeks






Benefits of Lunula Laser Treatment

  • PAIN-FREE and FAST – a session takes just 12-minute.
  • Seen On ITV’s GOOD MORNING with Phil and Dr Chris.
  • MOST EFFECTIVE treatment available. Up to 97%
  • NON-INVASIVE – No need for scalpels and needles.
  • CHILDREN –  from 11 years can be treated. CRB Checked.
  • The treatment has minimal/NO IMPACT ON LIFESTYLE
  • Treatment can stimulate nail growth which means improvements can be seen soon after treatment.
  • NO deposits or advance payment required.







Benefits Of Clearanail PRO

  • The MOST EFFECTIVE treatment available.
  • NON-INVASIVE – No need for scalpels and needles.
  • NO recovery time, dressings or hassle.
  • IMPROVEMENTS can be seen in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Excellent VALUE where only limited nails are affected.
  • NO Deposit or Advance payments required
  • The treatment has minimal/NO IMPACT ON LIFESTYLE
  • Pod provide a unique Hygiene and Protection Pack to create a fungus-free environment at home support successful treatment and to prevent re-infection.

How much will Clearanail PRO Treatment cost?

As the nature of the condition can vary greatly from one patient to another, we provide a FREE consultation with a registered Podiatrist so that your particular condition can be assessed and any questions answered. Please note, if you have the  FREE initial consultation, you are NOT obliged to have treatment.

Initial Podiatrist Consultation FREE*
One Nail £125
Two Nails £150
Pod Hygiene & Prevention Pack £79
8 Week Check Up FREE
16 Week Check Up FREE**
Fungal Nail Test (optional) £60
  **There may be a charge if further treatment is necessary but this is very uncommon.

Treatment Prices INCLUDES all the following: Pre-treatment NAIL-TRIM/S of affected nail. Disposable SINGLE-USE instruments – to prevent cross infection. Free CONSULTATION with Specialist Podiatrist prior to treatment to assess your condition (Worth £60) Klenz Footwear SANITIZATION – to kill infection-causing fungus in footwear to reduce the risk of re-infection (Worth £20) We do not require advance or lump sum payments and we are happy to accept payment after each appointment to help spread the cost of treatment.

Pod Clearanail PRO Hygiene, Treatment and Prevention Pack: Pod provide this unique pack of products designed to create a hygienic environment at home, support treatment and prevent re-infection Laundry Sanitiser 1000ml – clinically tested to treat areas that may carry the infection at home. Shoe Freshener 500ml – use daily to kill infection carried in footwear Antifungal Cream A 30gm – to prevent athletes foot (a source of nail infection) Antifungal Cream B 20gm –  to prevent athletes foot (a source of nail infection) Antifungal Spray 30ml – to support treatment. Aftercare Foot Spray 100ml – a unique after treatment spray that creates an invisible “sock” to prevent re-infection after treatment


Pictures say more than words ever could – see some of our success stories, click through to see our gallery of before and after images of fungal nail treatment


Have your fungal nails assessed and any questions answered FREE of charge. Book online NOW!

If you have not had FUNGAL NAIL TEST previously this can be done at the consultation.

Thickened, unsightly nails? Why not have them reduced at the same time.

(Consultation is free, services are chargeable – see below)


We’re here to help. Use the contact form below to request a follow-up appointment, ask a question, request a callback or arrange a fungal nail test.

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