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Wart Removal

Warts treated fast with Cryopen and Swift microwave wart removal – simply the most effective treatment available in 2018.

Free yourself from embarrassing, unsightly and painful warts, FAST! with state-of-the-art Microwave treatment that’s hassle-free and safe. Add in 18 years experience and FREE Chiropodist consultation and you’ll see why patients pick Pod.


Leaving the wart to go away itself is an option, however you may want removal if your wart is painful, is spreading or is causing you distress or embarrassment that affects your lifestyle or self-confidence.

We now use Swift Microwave Therapy to treat 90% of verruca cases. We have experience in providing other treatments too:

  • MICROWAVE TREATMENT: This is by far the most popular option amongst patients for a number of reasons:
    • Most effective of all treatments
    • Fast treatment time (5 seconds!)
    • Little / No Impact on lifestyle
    • No drugs
    • No chemicals
    • No needles, scalpels or injections
    • No dressings or home care necessary
    • Can be used in a number of medical conditions
  • LASER TREATMENT: Highly effective treatment however can be painful; this makes it unsuitable for large, or mosaic warts. Local anaesthesia injection is often required. The disadvantage of the anaesthetic is that you are unable t0 drive due to numbness, for up to 12 hours after and therefore need to allow for this.
  • FREEZING (Cryosurgery): This uses Liquid Nitrogen to freeze skin infected with the virus treatment; it is usually painful, both during AND after treatment.

  • FREEZING (continued) Dressings are required as blistering usually occursThe treatment involves frequent check-ups at intervals of 7-10 days which may not suit a busy or active lifestyle. Pain-killers are usually required. Often requires numerous repeat applications.
  • SALICYLIC ACID MASKS: Unlike acid containing products available from Pharmacies, this treatment involves placing a strong acid on the wart then applying padding and dressings. This “mask” stays in place for 5-7 days during which time, it MUST be kept completely dry and activity should be avoided; for these reasons it is less popular than our other options.
  • SURGERY: Invasive methods like surgery have downsides such as pain and long recovery times and they can therefore impact on lifestyle.
  • PHARMACY TREATMENTS: There are a variety of applications available from pharmacies both over-the-counter or your GP. They are often similar to each other in that they contain acids but not as strong as those used by Chiropodists. They can must be used with care and the treatment is often laborious with frequent application, filing and dressing of the affected area; improvements to the condition often take a long while. Their use is not advised in diabetes. Freezing treatments from Pharmacies are generally not as cold as the those used by Chiropodists so are generally considered less effective.

Option 1:  SWIFT Microwave Treatment 

Swift microwave is our newest and most popular, treatment for wart removal; it is quick, hassle-free and safe – no drugs, needles, scalpels, paints or potions, just the very latest tech and over 16 years of experience in wart treatment.

  • Swift Microwave is the newest technology available to treat warts.
  • The number of treatments required to remove warts is dependent on how long you have had them, there location, how many you have, and how you respond to treatment. In some cases, you may need more than one treatment (these can be from 14 days to over a month apart depending on the response). Our Podiatrist will be able to discuss this with you.
  • Some minor discomfort (described as a prick sensation) is felt and varies between individuals, it lasts a mere 2 – 3 seconds then quickly fades leaving no discomfort afterwards and doesnt impact on normal daily activities. The podiatrist can reduce the skin build up if necessary.

  • WART TREATMENT FOR CHILDREN – Swift treatment allows us to safely treat children from age 8 years and upwards subject to chiropodist assessment. DBSCRB Checked.
  • Most people with warts are able to have this treatment. Our Podiatrist will carry out an assessment prior to treatment to confirm
  • The treatment is very safe.  Microwaves have been in clinical use for over 30 years, and are used globally in the effective treatment of cancer. Standard wifi uses microwaves, mobile phones, bluetooth, and cordless phones all use microwaves to0.
  • A clinical study carried out by the University Of Southampton recruited 32 adults with one or more persistent warts for a court of unto 4 treatments, roughly 4 weeks apart. In order to be eligible for the research, patients had to have had their warts for at leat 1 year and failed to respond to previous treatments.
  • The results showed that out of 54 warts treated with swift microwave therapy, 76% of warts had resolved, 94% of the resolved warts cleared after 3 treatments or less. 

Cost Of  Microwave Treatment: 

  • We provide a FREE consultation to assess the condition and answer any questions you may have.
  • There is NO OBLIGATION to have treatment after this consultation.
  • Prices start from £125 per treatment for upto 3 warts depending on the  severity of the condition.

See what patients say about our microwave treatment for Warts

Option 2: CRYOPEN wart treatment.

Join the cold revolution! Cryopen is the advanced wart therapy that is fast, effective and safe the removal of warts WITHOUT causing damage to healthy skin. 

  • Cryotherapy is the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue such as warts by the precise application of extreme cold.
  • Quick procedure, treatment only takes 1 to 2 minutes!
  • Precision freezing allows the freeze to penetrate deeper for quicker results
  • Sterile procedure, no incision, no bleeding, no scalpel, no need for a local anaesthetic by injection due to the analgesic effect by the cold temperature of the freezing.
  • Safe procedure therefore ideal for children and nervous adults.
  • Excellent results!
  • Some minor discomfort (similar to a nettle sting at worst) may be experienced and varies between individuals, it lasts a 10-20 minutes then quickly fades leaving mild discomfort afterwards which normally won’t impact on normal daily activities. The podiatrist may need to reduce the skin build up if necessary.

Watch How Cryopen Works

  • WART TREATMENT FOR CHILDREN – Cryopen treatment allows us to safely treat children from age 7 years upwards, subject to check-up. DBS / CRB Checked.
  • Most people with warts are able to have this treatment but our podiatrist will carry an assessment to confirm this.
  • When using traditional over the counter freeze products such as ‘Wartner’ the effect on the cell is a slow freeze, therby allowing the wart time to protect itself and resist the treatment.
  • When using the Cryopen, however, the wart is attacked rapidly, instantly destroying the nucleus therefore removing the wart bef0re it has chance to protect itself, leading to its permanent removal.
  • The number of treatments required is dependent on how long you have had them, their location, how many, and how you respond to treatment. In some cases, you may need more than one treatment, these are carried out usually 4 weeks apart depending on your response.


Cost of CRYOPEN treatment

  • We provide a FREE consultation to assess the condition and answer any questions you may have.
  • There is NO OBLIGATION to have treatment after this consultation.
  • Prices depend on size, severity and number. This can be discussed in more detail at the FREE consultation.
  • Prices start from £65 for a single wart appointment upto £125 for 5 warts (This is the maximum we will treat in on appointment).


Pictures say more than words ever could – see some of our success stories, click through to see our gallery of before and after images of our wart treatments



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