Wart Treatment Results

(Before and after photos that speak for themselves)

Wart treatment results that speak for themselves! Join the growing list of people successfully treated and who’ve won back their confidence. 

CASE STUDY 3: Ms B. 45 years old. Oxford, Oxfordshire.

  • Multiple: Warts on left and right thumb, Multiple verrucae to heel of left foot.
  • Warts present for approx 12 months Verruca present 6+ years. Warts may have originated from patients verruca.
  • Previous Self Treatments (unsuccessful) – Duck tape, Bazuka
  • Pod Treatment (successful) – 1 x  single Pod Swift Microwave Treatment.
  • Result – Wart on left thumb fully resolved after 1 treatment. Verruca had 2 x Pod Swift Microwave with a 7-week gap between treatments. Awaiting update of verruca from patient on resolution of verruca

CASE STUDY 2: Ms M. 52 years old. Wymeswold, Leicestershire.

  • 1 wart on thumb of the right hand.
  • Present for 3-4 years
  • Previous Self Treatments (unsuccessful) – Bazuka Extra Strength
  • Pod Treatment (successful) – 2 x  single Pod Swift Microwave Treatment, 4 weeks apart
  • Result – Wart fully resolved.

CASE STUDY 1: Mr D. 27 years old. Leicester, Leicestershire.

  • Multiple warts to third finger of left hand
  • Warts present for 4 years
  • Previous Self Treatments (unsuccessful) – NONE
  • Pod Treatment (successful) – 1 x  single Pod Swift Microwave Treatment.
  • Result – The image far right, shows healing after only 3 weeks, photo supplied by the patient, awaiting the latest update.




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