Verruca Treatment Results

(Before and after photos to show off our handiwork!)

The results speak for themselves. Join the long list of happy everyday people that have regained freedom from painful verrucae.

CASE STUDY 4: Mr K. 23 Years old. Nottingham

  • Very large mosaic (group) verrucae affecting large section of heel
  • Verruca present for 5 years.
  • Previous Self Treatments (unsuccessful) – Bazuka, Filing of the verruca (this probably encouraged the spread)
  • Pod Treatment (successful) – 6 Nd-Yag laser treatments at monthly intervals.
  • Result – Verruca fully resolved, no evidence of existence, no further treatment required.


CASE STUDY 3: Mr M. 50 years old. Loughborough, Leicestershire.

  • 2 Very large cluster (group) verrucae affecting ball of foot.
  • Verruca present for over 3 years.
  • Previous Self Treatments (unsuccessful) – Bazuka, Wartner, Silver nitrate, and other over the counter products.
  • Pod Treatments (successful) – Began with Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) this resolved one of the cluster verrucae – patient found was painful. Microwave treatment used on second cluster verrucae was resolved in only 3 weeks with significantly less discomfort to patient
  • Result – Verruca fully resolved, the picture shows remaining self-healing. no further treatment requ

CASE STUDY 2: Ms P. 21 years old. Leicester, Leicestershire.

  • Multiple small verrucae on the ball of the right foot.
  • First verruca appeared over 2 years ago, but rapidly multiplied in the last 12 months to form 7
  • Previous Self Treatments (unsuccessful) – Various salicylic acid containing pharmacy products.
  • Pod Treatment (successful) – 1 x  single Pod Swift Microwave Treatment.
  • Result – ALL verrucae fully resolved. Received email from patients mother to advise the skin was 200% better than before treatment!

CASE STUDY 1: Mr S. 61 years old. Keyworth, Nottingham.

  • Multiple verrucae on both feet. Image shows 2 x large verruca on 2nd toe of left foot.
  • Previous Self Treatments (unsuccessful) – Duct tape, salicylic acid, freeze-treatment by his GP
  • Pod Treatment (successful) – Combination of laser and liquid nitrogen freezing treatments. Treatments over several months at 4-6 week intervals.
  • Result – ALL verrucae fully resolved.



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